Surgeries are booked Monday-Friday 

                                                                           We do not do surgeries on weekends but are open to take appointments on Saturday

All patients must be seen by one of our doctors prior to booking a surgery

A physical exam with a doctor is required prior to booking a surgery to ensure your pet is healthy and to provide an accurate estimate specifically made for your pet.

Here at Fletcher Veterinary Hospital are happy to offer routine, elective, exotic and emergency surgical services. 

Pre-Surgical Care

Our surgical care begins with *optional* comprehensive preoperative screening, which you decide at the time of drop off. Preoperative screening includes surgical IV fluids and/or preanesthetic bloodwork, which helps us to reduce the risk of complications for your companion. We’ll also develop a safe, effective plan to keep your pet comfortable and pain free – before, during and after surgery.

*dependent on your pets age and/or health status*


Whether routine, elective, or emergency, your pet’s procedure will be our highest priority. From the moment you arrive, we’ll be there to ease your mind and help keep your loved one calm and as relaxed as can be. 

Once safely sedated, our team will complete the surgery as efficiently as possible. As the doctor works, our dedicated staff will remain next to your pet at all times to assist with surgery and closely monitor your pet’s wellbeing. 

After Care

Once surgery is complete, we’ll gently relocate your pet to our recovery area, where our team will offer comfort and reassurance. When you arrive to bring your pet home, one of our staff will go over our aftercare instructions, including a plan for pain management, and answer any questions.


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