Exotic Pet Care

Here at Fletcher Veterinary, Dr. Gilbert is the exotics veterinarian. His patients are not limited to only dogs and cats, they also include rabbits, birds, reptiles and pocket pets

What we offer for your exotic companion:

  • Diagnostics—At our hospital, we know that pets come in all shapes and sizes, fur and feathers, skin and scales, and understand that exotic pets require specialized veterinary care to properly diagnose health issues immediately and effectively. We are also equipped with a diagnostics lab that allows us to test for a range of exotic diseases.
  • Surgical services—In the event that your exotic pet requires surgery, we offer exotic surgical services from routine to complex *on a case-to-case basis. Book an exam with us today if you suspect your exotic pet requires surgery
  • Intensive care—Our trained veterinary staff is ready to provide intensive care monitoring for your exotic pet.
  • Nutrition—Quality nutrition for your exotic pet is important to its overall wellbeing. We have the knowledge to provide information on the appropriate nutritional requirements as well as advice on proper feeding techniques.
  • Behavior—Exotic pets have an array of key behaviors that can alert you on their health status. We are pleased to provide coaching and  suggestions for your pet.
  • General wellness care—We are pleased to offer general wellness tips and recommendations on all aspects of general care for your exotic pet, such as habitat, grooming, socialization, and vaccinations.


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